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February 01, 2018

We have two articles for February 2018 and these will be my last posts to the you. I will continue to be active in bringing issues affecting SWS GPs to the fore. I will continue to work towards improving the care that we as GPs, provide to our patients. Most importantly, I will be here to ensure that our interests are protected. GP Voice will be your voice As they say, as one door closes another door opens. While I am no longer associated with GP Link from hereon, I will concentrate my activities on a new site. A number of similarly minded GP colleagues have constituted an Editorial Board to guide the new site, I look forward to your support.


I wish the new board at GP Link the best for the future as I say my goodbye.


elephant_in_room_400_clr_6740T2D - Does it have to be progressive?

It’s frustrating isn’t it when managing patients with T2D. Patients adhere to diet and lifestyle the best they can, the HbA1c is on target but yet we have to keep layering more tablets or injections over time to maintain the constantly deteriorating glycaemic control. Can we do better than accepting without question the progressive nature of T2D?

Chronic Hep B Mx - Fairfield GPs can do it better!

HCCGPs from the Fairfield area did us all proud in south west Sydney. They were part of the B Positive Program which demonstrated that with training, increased community awareness and coordination, primary care patients with chronic hepatitis B received anti-viral treatment which was 3X higher than the average uptake in Australia. The pilot program also increased GP and community awareness of Chronic B Hepatitis.