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May 2017

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sitting_on_examin_tableca_400_clr_5175Antibiotics in pregnancy - which ones to avoid?

Most of us will try to avoid antibiotics in pregnancy unless we don’t have choice. There are some safe choices but a recent study published by the CMAJ found that the use of 5 common antibiotics were associated with increased risk of miscarriage.

Deadly inertia - Is your delay killing patients?

Adding a second oral agent or injectables if patients with T2DM fail to reach the recommended glycaemic targets still takes a considerable period of time. This clinical inertia has significant harm to patients while waiting to reach glycaemic target. How much harm this clinical inertia is causing is now quantified in a recent study. Are you one of the procrastinating GP? Are you complicit in this harm?


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too_many_ways_800_clr_19549SWS has started the journey – were you part of it?

Would you refer to an orthopaedic surgeon who doesn’t do arthroscopic knee surgery because he has gone for further training. Or a general surgeon who still does open cholecystectomy. Would you be happy if your mum’s GP is not up to date with the new oral anti-diabetic agents. Or the new non-insulin injectables. Keeping up to date as GPs can be time consuming and difficult.

3D Mammography/Tomosynthesis

.This revolutionary procedure uses high-powered computing to convert digital breast images into a stack of very thin layers or “slices”, creating a “3D mammogram”. It allows our expert radiologists to better visualise tiny masses or calcifications which may be the first sign of breast cancer


woman_pregnant_holding_back_400_clr_8011Maternal Hypothyroidism – who needs treatment?

Maternal hypothyroidism has  been shown to be associated with an increased risk of adverse pregnancy complications as well as detrimental effects upon foetal neurocognitive development. The American Thyroid Association (ATA) recently revised their clinical guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disease during pregnancy and the postpartum period.

stick_figure_eye_exam_pc_400_clr_4797Free Ophthalmologist

Eye Checks for Diabetics in South West Sydney

Low cost podiatry UniClinic

MRISIJointsSacro-iliitis - an imaging approach

The sacroiliac (SI) joints are frequent sites of lower lumbar pain in clinical practice. Sacroiliitis, a non-infectious inflammatory process is by far the most frequent cause in the younger age group. In the older age demographic degenerative change is a common cause. The SI joints are a commonly overlooked cause of lower backache. The SI joint is compound joint with the lower 2/3 synovial in nature and the upper 1/3 fibrous.  Sacroiliitis affects the synovial component. Non-infectious sacroiliitis is a bilateral process. They can be divided into 2 catagories:









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