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March 2017

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Comprehensive diabetes education series

May 2017

Sunday May 7, 2017

Gemelle’s Restaurant Liverpool

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A DOMTRU Masterclass Series


Anaesthetics in Kids – Is it safe?Sleep

Over the last two decades, the potential for long lasting neurotoxic effects of general anaesthetic and sedation agents on young children and growing foetus via their pregnant mums have been the subject of intense debate and research. Data from animal studies and in vitro research demonstrate that under experimental conditions, all general anaesthetics tested, including both NMDA antagonists and gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) agonists, have immediate neuroanatomical consequences and associated long lasting,

Workers, Compensation, CTP & Injury Claims

Spectrum Medical Imaging understands the stress and hassle that you and your patients may  experience when going through an Injury Claim. We have a dedicated team who specialises in liaising with the insurance companies to have a patients claim approved in a timely manner. MedicalSpectrumLogo


Injury Claims Hotline:

Contact: Charrie
Phone: 02 8072 0331
Mob: 0484 625 461
Fax: 02 9602 8386

ArtificNNSial Sweeteners – bitter or sweet? Epidemiological, observational and biomedical evidence primarily in animals but increasingly now in large scale human studies show regular low calorie sweetener consumption over a prolonged period may actually promote obesity, glucose intolerance, and its related comorbidities! This paradox is still scientifically controversial. Three main pathways have been proposed to explain the unexpected metabolic disturbance:

Sacroiliitis - an imaging approach

The sacroiliac (SI) joints are frequent sites of lower lumbar pain in clinical practice. Sacroiliitis, a non-infectious inflammatory process is by far the most frequent cause in the younger age group. In the older age demographic degenerative change is a common cause. The SI joints are a commonly overlooked cause of lower backache. The SI joint is compound joint with the lower 2/3 synovial in nature and the upper 1/3 fibrous.  Sacroiliitis affects the synovial component. Non-infectious sacroiliitis is a bilateral process. They can be divided into 2 catagories:




Low cost podiatry UniClinic

Recurrent UTIs - a novel strategy

Out of all uncomplicated UTIs, majority (80%) are caused by a highly heterogeneous group of Escherichia coli strains termed uropathogenic E. coli (UPEC). Understanding UPEC immune-modulating mechanisms could help guide strategies to combat repeat infection. UTIs are becoming increasingly difficult to treat as multidrug resistance becomes more common. Vaccination could be part of a strategy to prevent recurrent and chronic infections.

Pelvic Examination - what should it include?sitting_on_examin_tableca_400_clr_5175

Ok, I am a male GP. I don’t always do the “full” examination when I perform a “gynae” check when women come in for their pap smear. I have many an evening debating this with my male and female GP colleagues as to what is included in a gynae check. So why do we do bimanual examination? Does bimanual examination reduce mortality or morbidity? More importantly does, bimanual examination causes any harm? Is there evidence one way or another?


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Barretts & PPIs - does it help reduce progression?

The aetiologic consensus for BE, remheartburnains a matter of debate, however, strong association with chronic gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) has been documented. In the large majority of patients, Barrett's esophagus is supposed to be the consequence of chronic acid gastroesophageal reflux. Accurate estimates of the annual incidence of adenocarcinoma and high-grade dysplasia among patients with Barrett's esophagus have been difficult to obtain, since studies have shown considerable variation in incidence rates.

Free Ophthalmologist stick_figure_eye_exam_pc_400_clr_4797

Eye Checks for Diabetics in South West Sydney




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