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November 2017

Echo Newsletter

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MorbidObesitySmallOGTT - there are more gems in there than you think

Have you notice that there is a whole variety of patterns to the OGTT results? Some patients have normal fasting glucose but fail the 2 hour reading. Others have high fasting glucose but normal (or close to normal) 2 hour readings. Yet others fail both fasting and 2 hour readings. If you add a 30 mins or 60 mins readings to the standard 0 and 120 mins glucose readings, the combinations and permutations of glucose patterns becomes even more varied.


60 years of Metformin - what have we learnt

Metformin was first described in the scientific literature in 1922 by Emil Werner and James Bell. In 1929, Slotta and Tschesche discovered its sugar-lowering action in rabbits, finding it the most potent biguanide analog they studied. This result was completely forgotten and was soon overshadowed by insulin. French physician, Jean Sterne reawakened interest in metformin in 1957.

Australian version of Cambridge Diabetes Education Program


AusCDEP, competency based online diabetes education program available to General Practice. Based on the UK’s national competency diabetes frameworks, the program has been localised to the Australian context. There are currently 5 modules ready to use, more will be made available soon.

listening_to_large_heart_400_clr_13716Aortic Stenosis - is watchful wait a good strategy?

When one of our patients previously not known to have AS, presents to hospital in a decompensated state from AS, it makes us all feel rather inadequate to have “missed” the diagnosis. Do patients with known AS (under watchful wait) fare better than those that were not known to have AS (i.e. diagnosis missed) when they decompensate? Is watchful wait a reasonable strategy then? Should we be operating on these patients BEFORE they decompensate.


Non-invasive Prenatal Screening Now Available

NIPS is growing as a screening option that many women will hear about and request during pregnancy. Spectrum Medical Imaging is proud to announce that we will be providing Non-invasive Prenatal Screening (NIPS) at Liverpool from November 2017. MedSpectrumLogo


MICPTHScanParathyroid Imaging

 A 30 year old female patient attended Nuclear Medicine for a Parathyroid Scan to identify a parathyroid adenoma as the cause of Primary Hyperparathyroidism. The patient was suffering from recurrent renal calculi, and presented with hypercalcaemia [Ca2+ level of 2.89mmol/L (normal = 2.1-2.6)] and increased parathyroid hormone level [PTH level of 39pmol/L (normal = 1.5-9.9)].

stick_figure_eye_exam_pc_400_clr_4797Free Ophthalmologist

Eye Checks for Diabetics in South West Sydney

woman_raising_hands_400_clr_12536SheDecides - it’s her body!

We live in a society where rape culture runs rampant. Male sexual violence is normalised, and women are shamed and blamed for experiencing it. Even now, parents and school teach girls how to ‘prevent being raped’ instead of teaching boys not to rape – is this not, in essence, problematic? Why do we teach victims of violence how not to be attacked, as opposed to teaching potential perpretrators not to attack?

woman_pregnant_holding_back_400_clr_8011New Online Preconception Planning for T1D/T2D

From adolescence, it is recommended that all women with diabetes, regardless of pregnancy intention, receive preconception counselling. This is a discussion between women and their healthcare professionals about the importance of planning for pregnancy and should inform women of the need for pre-pregnancy care prior to conception. Pre-pregnancy care is specialist care delivered by the multidisciplinary diabetes care team to help ensure a woman is prepared for pregnancy,

stick_figure_buoy_exhausted_400_clr_6690Triathlons - what do participants die of?

Race related fatalities in triathlons have  increased and now is growing concern amongst participants who is generally thought to be cardiovascularly “fit”. Most of us have a handful of patients who are triathletes and a recent study is both insightful and have implications of our treatment of these “healthy” individuals.


All new pathways here


40YearsOdysseyHouseOdyssey House’s Community Based Detox

Odyssey House has a rich history of offering residential detoxification and rehabilitation for alcohol and drug users. They have now expanded our community services and are able to provide free community based detoxifications for suitable patients.

PregnanciesWhat is TOBOGM?

There is evidence that even mild increases in maternal blood sugar are associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes – both maternal and foetal and that reducing blood sugar improves outcomes.

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