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Community Based Detox

Odyssey House has a rich history of offering residential detoxification and rehabilitation for alcohol and drug users. They have now expanded our community services and are able to provide free community based detoxifications for suitable patients.

How it works:

  • If you have a patient you feel may benefit from a detoxification, you can either contact Odyssey House yourself or, ask the patient to contact them by telephoning:


  • Odyssey House will make an appointment to see your patient to assess their suitability for community based detox.
  • Suitable patients will then be seen for pre-detox sessions; which will primarily focus on alcohol reduction/stabilisation, relapse prevention, health education, recovery capital and post-detox planning. For reasons of safety, these sessions are not optional.
  • One of Odyssey House’s specialist nurses will also contact you to discuss the patient, medications, bloods, medical review and a date the detox can start
  • The detox itself will require you to prescribe a reducing dose of diazepam and Odyssey House’s specialist nurse can advise on this and help monitor the patient during detox.
  • Once the detox has finished your patient will carry on working with the community team as per post detox plan. Again, for reasons of safety these sessions are not optional.
  • If someone needs detoxification but, it not suitable for community detox Odyssey House can advise on how to access residential detox.
  • If someone is drinking excessively but, is not in need of community or residential detox Odyssey House’s community team can still advise and/or work with your patient.   

If you have any questions please feel very free to contact:

Mark Stevens


Mobile: 0481 257 318

You can use Audit-C, a widely used short questionnaire, to assess your  patient’s possible problematic drinking. You can fill it out yourself or give it to the patient.

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