November 15, 2016

SSW GP Link - Election for board directors 2016-2017


Congratulations to the following directors who were returned un-opposed


Dr John Barlow - Bankstown

Dr Sayeed Khan - Liverpool

Dr Joesph Nicholas - Fairfield

Dr Annet Wegerhoff - Camden


The following candidates have nominated for the two positions of Campbelltown/Wollondilly local geographical areas:


Dr Arif Mirza

Dr Chee Khoo

Dr Derek Tang


Voter turn out have been superb this year. The results of the election will be announced at the AGM on Thursday, 24th November


November 2016

Echo Newsletter

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MorbidObesitySmallDOMTRU – who?

The Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolic Translational Research Unit (DOMTRU) is very much about working together with general practice teams to improve diabetes services capacity in primary care, support GPs in their management of patients with diabetes and coordinate diabetes related CPD in the primary care sphere.

Will be presented at the AGM


Thursday 24th November

Gemelle Ristorante Italiano

79 Bathurst St Liverpool



This is increasingly relevant to general practice in the assessment for cirrhosis particularly with the new Hepatitis C anti-viral agents and the  increasingly prevalent non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in SWS.

Will be presented at the AGM


heart_puzzle_piece_missing_pc_400_clr_4847Heart Failure Management - a new kid on the block

A new  fixed combination of an angiotensin receptor blocker and a neprilysin inhibitor, is referred to as an ARNI (ENTRESTO). Now that the first-in-class drug once best known as LCZ696. The >8000-person-strong PARADIGM-HF trial showed that patients with chronic HF treated with LCZ696 had a 20% decrease in CV death or HF hospitalizations vs those treated with the ACE inhibitor enalapril, as well as a significant reduction in all-cause mortality.


MedicalSpectrumLogoGP MRIs


Some MRIs are Medicare rebatable when ordered by GPs, some are not. Some providers bulk bill, some don’t.


Do you know which ones are bulk billed? Here is a quick reference.


signs_going_everywhere_smallAfter metformin - navigating the PBS

Confusion with PBS criteria means that some GPs might fall back to the “old agents” that they know well that has no PBS restrictions. Patients may be missing out on the “extra” benefits that some of these new agents offer. Recent changes to the PBS have actually made the treatment algorithm a whole easier to navigate. The simplified PBS criteria is

SinusitisChronic Sinusitis & Low dose CT

Chronic Sinusitis is a relative common clinical disorder often presenting with chronic nasal with congestion, purulent discharge, post nasal drip facial pressure and headache. It may also present complications of subsequent infection often involving orbits and even intra cranial structures dysfunction of the underlying mucocilliary drainage accounts for the majority of recurrent inflammatory and allergic sinonasal disease.



Post-menopausal bleedingEndometrialCa

PMB is an important problem and one needs a simple method in order decide what can be watched and what needs gynaecological attention. Transvaginal ultrasound is central to the decision making process.


Low cost podiatry UniClinic
Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism Translational Research Unit (DOMTRU)

What is it? How does it assist general practice?

DOMTRU is very much about working with GPs and the primary care team in the community. SSW GP Link will  be collaborating with DOMTRU to improve diabetes services capacity in primary care, support GPs in their management of patients with diabetes and coordinate diabetes related CPD in the primary care sphere.

Basal Cell Carcinoma - SkinGP Management

BCCs usually start with a subtle change on the skin, either a small bump or a flat red patch.  BCCs develop very slowly over months and years. They have an affinity for nerves and some can spread along a nearby nerve, making them much more difficult to cure. After having a single BCC there is, on average, a 50% chance of developing another BCC at some stage of a person’s life.

Peri-op Management in diabetes

Patients on insulin therapy essentially have no or very limited beta cells left and are very dependent on external insulin for metabolic homeostasis. Their alpha cell function is also faulty leading to impaired response to hypoglycaemia. Autonomic dysfunction and medications can also interfere with usual sympathetic response to hypoglycaemia potentially masking their symptoms leading to hypoglycaemia unawareness.

Do we even need doctors?

We know what to do when we don’t know what to do. And I can’t think of any other profession we can say that about. We are specialists in uncertainty. We are the only professionals who have the skills to gather just the right information on physical and mental symptoms and people’s preferences and integrate it into a safe workable plan. We don’t get it right every time, as by definition it’s difficult….

Squamous Cell CarcinoKAma - GP Management

SCC is an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells arising in the squamous cells which compose most of the skin’s upper layers, the epidermis. People who have fair skin, light hair and blue, green, or gray eyes, occupations require long hours outdoors, golf or other sports are at highest risk. Anyone who has had basal cell carcinoma is also more likely to develop SCC, as is anyone with an inherited, highly UV-sensitive condition such as xeroderma pigmentosum.

Latest Healthpathways

stick_figure_eye_exam_pc_400_clr_4797Free Ophthalmologist Eye Checks for Diabetics in South West Sydney

This is the last newsletter for the year. The board of SSW GP Link would like to wish all members a safe and joyous Christmas and New Year break. We also would like to thank our members who have to work during this period, looking after the people of south west Sydney.