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October 15, 2017

Diabetes Injectable Workshop

November 12, 2017

Open for Registration Now

figure_helping_up_friend_400_clr_10801In our backyard

SSW GP Link welcomes Dr Jonathan Herald to SWS. Dr Herald operates at Bankstown Public, Campbelltown Private , Strathfield Private and St Lukes Private Hospitals. He sub-specialises in Shoulders, Elbows and Knees, sports injuries and joint replacement. He completed upper limb fellowships in the US at the Mayo Clinic and Mt Sinai Hospital in New York City and a lower limb Fellowship in Australia with one of Sydney's most prominent knee surgeons, A/Prof Leo Pinczweski.

Welcome Dr Herald.



Bariatric surgery does not prevent progression of diabetic retinopathy(DR). In a retrospective study over 6 years, 102 patients with T2D who underwent bariatric surgery, 19% of patients developed new DR, 70% were stable while 30% improved. There were no deterioration.  Read more here.

2 potential therapies for Pulmonary Fibrosis have been unveiled. PBI-4050 reduced myo-fibroblast activation, extracellular matrix production, and inflammation in a primary human cell system modeling fibrotic lung disease. Atorvastatin, through  different mechanisms have also been shown to be a potential therapeutic agent for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Unpublished

Exenatide and CV disease: Among patients with type 2 diabetes with or without previous cardiovascular disease, the incidence of major adverse cardiovascular events did not differ significantly between patients who received exenatide and those who received placebo. In other words, Exenatide is cardiovascularly safe. Read more here.


Coming up next issue of Echo

  • 60 years of metformin - what have we learnt?
  • Watchful wait in Aortic Stenosis - is there a flaw in that strategy?


Quick News

  • Diabetes Injectable Workshop on Sunday, 12th November 2017 at Liverpool. Designed for GPs and PNs.  Registration is now open. Click here to register.
  • SSW GP Link’s AGM:

 Thursday, 16th November 2017.

Gemelle’s Restaurant

Bathurst Street Liverpool


  • World Diabetes Day is November 14, 2017. Are you up to date on this day?
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