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September 15, 2017

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figure_helping_up_friend_400_clr_10801In our backyard

The PHN has launched the new Mental Health Stepped Care Program which sort of replaced the old ATAPS scheme. It looked complicated but I must admit it does look as comprehensive as one can get with the limited funding that we have in mental health. I urge you to have a look at the details here.

The management guidelines on thyroid disease in pregnancy have recently been released by the American Thyroid Association. There have been much discussions an its applicability since. SWS Healthpathways recently convened a working group discussion to streamline our local guidelines. We reviewed the issue in May this year. Read here. Watch this space.


A double-blind randomised controlled trial involving 27,395 patients found that rivaroxaban plus aspirin significantly improved CV outcomes among patients with stable atherosclerotic vascular disease compared with aspirin alone or rivaroxaban alone, although the combination also increased major bleeding events. Read more here

In patients with T2D and high CV risks, liraglutide (Victoza) when added to standard treatment has been shown to reduce the incidence and progression of diabetic renal disease. A 1.3% absolute risk decrease in MACE and a 1.2% absolute risk increase in major bleeding without an increase in intracranial hemorrhage or fatal bleeding is clearly a desirable benefit-risk balance.. Read more here..

Would you like your patients to read what you write in their notes? Well, greater engagement is reported by patients who read notes and submit feedback, according to a study published in the July issue of the  Journal of Medical Internet Research. Read more here.


Coming up next issue of Echo

  • SSRI/SNRI in kids & adolescents - how efficaious and safe are they?
  • The latest from the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) meeting in Lisbon, Portugal


Quick News

  • Keith MacDonald has been  confirmed as the new CEO of SWS PHN. As mentioned last month, he’s been a friend of general practice in SWS. SSW GP Link look forward to working closely with Keith for the betterment of general practice in SWS. Congratulations Keith.
  • Diabetes Injectable Workshop is locked in for Sunday, 12th November 2017 at Liverpool. Designed for GPs and PNs.  We expect a rush for places. Registration opening soon.
  • SSW GP Link’s AGM is will be held on Thursday, 16th November 2017. Mark in your calendar. That means board positions will be up for elections. Details soon.
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